“Red Passion” 「赤い情熱」

I looked up the flower language of Bougainvillea. It means “passion,” “enthusiasm,” “charm,” “only you can see,” “you are full of charm,” “hidden thoughts,” “I believe in you,” and “dramatic love.” None of the words apply to an elderly person like me who is about to reach his mid-80s.Such words can no longer exist around・・・

“Illusion of Fallen Leaves” 「落ち葉のイル―ジョン」

The fallen leaves soared in the cool breeze. As if they thought they could go back to that tree. It’s an illusion, and eventually they fall and become soil. “Illusion of Fallen Leaves” composed and arranged by SunnyG 冷たい一陣の風に落ち葉たちが舞い上がった。 あの木に戻れると思ったかのように。 それは幻想、やがて落ちて土となる。 「落ち葉のイル―ジョン」”Illusion of Fallen Leaves” 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)  Audio-visual tested: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera.・・・

“Mi Primera Rumba” 「私の最初のルンバ」

When I was in the lower grades of elementary school (3rd to 4th grade), a fun and interesting tune was flowing out from the electric speaker in a neighborhood electronics shop. I think about it now, it’s the “Rumba Tamba” played by the Lecuona Cuban Boys, but I don’t know at that time. I was・・・

“A Slave of Passion” 「激情の虜」

Becoming a slave of passion, struggle, suffer, and defeat such struggle and suffering. I, almost 80 years old, don’t even have a single piece of such power. But I, such a person of great age can imagine and fancy. This song is the product of such imagination and fantasies. “A slave of passion” Composed and・・・

“Having a lot of drive” 「やる気満々で」

Having a lot of drive, I challenged to make music using arrangement data from the music software “ABILITY”.I made the melody like an improvisation played by a trumpet.I’m a little nervous about uploading such a music. “Having a log of drive” Composed and arranged by SunnyG やる気満々で AbilityやSSWで使えるアレンジデーターを利用しての曲作りに挑戦、メロディをトランペットの即興演奏風のものにアレンジした程度のものになりました。こんな程度でいいのかなと少々気が引けながらのアップロードです。 「やる気満々」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)    

“Delightful aroma of coffee” 「コーヒーのいい香り」

コーヒーの香りが脳に影響を与える、しかも豆の種類によって効果が異なるとか。コーヒーの香りにはリラックス効果があり、飲むことが休息になるのだそうです。飲むための準備、コーヒーを入れる行為を楽しむ人たちもいるのです。私はいい香りの美味しいコーヒーを飲んでリラックスするだけの人なのです。 「コーヒーのいい香り」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺) The scent of coffee affects the brain, and the effect depends on the type of beans. It seems that the scent of coffee has a relaxing effect and drinking makes a rest. There are people who enjoy preparing for drinking coffee and a process of making coffee. I am just a person・・・