“Beginning of The End” 「終焉の始まり」

In 2022, when I will be 85 years old: This flower is about to die, towards the end of the flower’s life. I’m such an old person who can understand the words, “It’s the beginning of the last-stage elderly rather than the late-stage elderly.” “Beginning of The End Composed by Yo Kozato   & Arranged by・・・

“Etude Lullaby of ITSUKI”「練習曲 五木の子守唄」

This song is a folk song that has been handed down to Itsuki Village in Kumamoto Prefecture. Once upon a time, a girl from a poor family was left from her home as a babysitter in a wealthy family to reduce a mouth to feed. This is the song that this baby-sitter girl sang about・・・

“In the depth of heavy sorrow” 「悲しみの深い淵で」

“In the depth of heavy sorrow” composed and arranged by SunnyG 「悲しみの深い淵で」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)      

“Morning Dream” 「明け方の夢」

At dawn, we happen to have a dream while REM sleeping. We remember the dream when we awake. It is said that such dream has been shown to us by God or Buddha as a revelation.Some people say that they do not see their dreams, although they are actually seeing the dream,but they do not・・・

“Predawn Stillness” 「夜明け前の静寂」

I wake up early in the morning, the room is still dark.It begins that my vague consciousness mixed with expectations and anxiety for today.Before long, my consciousness starts a comfortable glide.What’s called “mo hitoneiri” (another sleep). “Predawn Stillness” composed and arranged by SunnyG 早朝目が覚める、部屋はまだ真っ暗、今日への期待と不安が入り混じったもやっとした意識がやがて心地よい滑空を始める。もう一寝入りというやつ。 「夜明け前の静寂」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)    

“ETENRAKU” 「越天楽」

“ETENRAKU” is one of the famous tunes of GAGAKU (ancient court music). Unique instruments are used such as Shinto flute, Thirteen-stringed Koto, Japanese lute and drums. There are GAGAKU pieces with dance and without dance, the former called BUGAKU (an ancient court dance and music) and the latter called KANGEN (the orchestral music with wind・・・

“Comfort” 「安らぎ」

Another close friend of mine has passed away. I pray sincerely for the repose of his soul .”Comfort” Composed and arranged by SunnyG また一人親しい友が逝ってしまった。只々冥福を祈るのみ。 「安らぎ」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺) November 26, 2016    

“Uncertainty of the life” 「人生の無常」

To be honest, I still really don’t understand my life, even after over 80 yeas old. I don’t know what will happen to the rest of my life. I don’t know how long will last the rest of my life. But it’s definitely much shorter than the years I’ve spent. “Uncertainty of the life” Composed・・・

“In the fresh of the morning”「朝まだきに」

Probably because of the age, I often wake up early in the morning. At such time, I imagine the sea of clouds seen from the sky.It’s hard for me to see such scenery at my age. I wish I could come across the sea of clouds when I am on the way called to heaven.・・・

“Fantastic Tale” 「夢物語」

Even at this age, there are many things that I dream about, what is unlikely to happen, small things, etc. In relaxed manner, listening to a music coming from the effective sound system which makes clear sound, is this a fantastic tale? “Fantastic Tale” Composed & arranged by SunnyG 実現できそうもないこと、ささやかなもの、この年齢になっても、 いろいろ 夢に描いているものがあるのです。 いい音場できれいな音が 出せるサウンドシステムで ゆったりと音楽を・・・

“Solitary Fountain” 「孤独の湖」

When I was chasing after day and day miscellaneous things, sometimes I want to be quiet by the fountain escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Such a wish is unlikely to come true. At least with BGM and fantasy … “Solitary Fountain” composed and arranged by SunnyG 日日の雑事に追われてバタバタ過ごしていると時には日常の喧騒から逃れて人里離れた泉のほとりで独り静かにしていたくなる。 そんな願いは叶いそうもなく, せめてBGMと空想で・・・・・ 「孤独の湖」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺)・・・

“Morning Glow” 「朝焼け」

I thought that “Sunset” was a sign of sunny day, and “morning glow” was a sign of rain. I is said that there are two type of morning glow, one “tells bad weather” and the other tells the fine weather.As it has been disagreeable rain in recent days, I wish I could watch a morning glow・・・

“Sylvan Scene” 「森の光景」

Deep in the forest covered with fresh green, sunbeams are plugging brilliantly through the layers of young leaves. I want to be folded everlastingly with green scent  a little bit moisturized. “Sylvan Scene” composed & arranged by SunnyG 新緑に覆われた森の奥深く、幾重にも茂った若葉の間からキラキラ差し込む木漏れ日に、ちょっぴり湿り気を帯びた 緑の香りに いつまでも 包まれていたい。 「森の光景」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)    

“Fantasia G” 「幻想曲G」

いよいよ八十路、こんな年寄りがフルオーケストラのスケールの大きな曲をパソコンで作ってステレオ装置で聴くなんて夢見ているのです。夢ではなく単なる幻想にすぎないのでしょうか?キーは「Gマイナー」ですが、曲名にあるG」は「爺」のことです。 「幻想曲 G] 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺) At last 80 years old, such a man has fancies of making large scale music played by a full orchestra. I am dreaming of making such music on my personal computer and listening it on my stereo device. It is not a dream but maybe just a fantasy. The key is・・・

“Sorrow of parting” 「惜別」

最愛の妻を亡くした友人が一年後、 あとを追うように逝ってしまった。 「惜別」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺) My friend who had lost his beloved wife passed away after a year as chasing his wife. “Sorrow of Parting” composed & arranged by SunnyG

Countdown for the rest of my life「余生へのカウントダウン」

日本人男性の平均寿命が79.94才になったとか。今春には80才になる自分は ちょうど平均寿命を通過して、余分の領域に入ったばかりになるのです。余分の寿命はどこまで続くのか判らないのだけれど、カウントダウンは始まって いるのです。秒を刻む間隔が短くなってきているように感じるのは気のせいで しょうか? 2017年4月28日 「余生へのカウントダウン」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺) It is said that life expectancy for Japanese men is 79.94 years old. I’m gonna be 80 years old in this spring. I’m just pass through average life time and I’m gonna have additional life from now on. It may just be my imagination but I feel・・・