“Ballade of Wine Glass”「ワイングラスのバラード」

I do not understand well the taste of wine for me who is not an artist of wine. However, having a ship of wine ,I look down on the glass of wine, then I feel that my heart is washed somehow. “Ballade of Wine Glass” composed and arranged by SunnyG ワイン通ではない私にはワインの味はよくわからない。しかしながらワインを一口飲んでワイングラスを静かにながめていると何となく心が洗われるような気がする。 「ワイングラスのバラード」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺) 

“Solitary Drinking”「独り酒」

I’m not sleepy tonight. I thought I was vague, but it seemed like I got a few Zs. I woke up in the middle of the night. I try to sleep again, but I can’t sleep、then quietly I get up and open the refrigerator. Take out cold “Sake”, drink it alone, enjoy “solitary drinking”, delicious!・・・

“Sentimental Sunset”「センチメンタルな日没」

According to the English Japanese dictionary, sunset means “dusk”, and when it comes to “sunset years”, it means “old age” or “afterlife”. Our rliamentarians, as soon as you stopped reducing your salaries in half a year, you are considering raising our pension age and reducing the amount of payment, then we became worried about our・・・