「Easy Listening」の記事一覧

“Rainy Weekend” 「雨の週末」

The rainy weekend, it would be romantic for a young couple. I intend to express such a young couple with strings and express the rain falls gently with the bossa nova rhythm made by a hi-hat and a cabasa. For an old man like me the rainy weekend is just annoying. “Rainy Weekend” composed and・・・

“Forgetting Worldly Cares” 「浮世の憂さを忘れて」

I play neither golf nor gambling. I am such an old man who is in a good mood if I have a computer and music software. However, I can’t live free from worldly cares. At that time, I can forget the “worldly cares” by listening to the BGM while lighting the candle and vaguely watching・・・

“IRIS” 「アイリス」

There is a Japanese phrase saying, “Which is AYAME or KAKITSUBATA?” It is said that both are flowers of the iris family. I cannot tell these two flowers apart. Anyway, I intended to draw iris. I drew both flowers and vases using the word shapes. “IRIS” composed and arranged by SunnyG 日本語のフレーズに「いずれがアヤメかカキツバタ」というのがある。 両方ともiris family の花である。私にはこれら二つの花を見分けることができない。とにかくirisを描いたつもりです。花も花瓶もワードの図形を使って描きました。・・・