“Enchanting Night Town”「魅惑の夜の街」」

It’s been a long time since I haven’t had a chance to visit the fascinating night cities. From my thirties to fifties, I visited various cities on business tripsboth inside and outside Japan. I have never visited these cities on a sightseeing trip. Visits to “Enchanting Night Town” were only for business relationship.  魅惑の夜の街、訪れる機会がなくなって久しいです。30代から50代にかけて、国内外いろいろな街を訪れる機会が与えられました。すべて出張です。観光で訪れたことはありません。夜の街は、アフタービジネスでの お付き合いで・・・。   

“Home where the heart in” 「故郷、心を残してきた場所」

Forty years after leaving Osaka, the Kansai accent remains. I try to match the local accent as much as possible. When I meet a person with a Kansai accent, I immediately return to the Osaka accent. It is said that the accent may be the country’s bill. My heart may remain in Osaka even now.・・・

“After Rain” 「雨上がり」

Just a bit more patience! Let’s keep doing what we need to do! Sure, we will get fantastic result. Like a beautiful rainbow after rain. “After Rain” composed and arranged by SunnyG  もう少しの辛抱だよ!やるべきことをやり続けよう! きっと、素敵な結果がでるよ、雨あがりの綺麗な虹のような。  「雨上がり」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)  

Something Good is gonna happen 何かいいことありそうよ

We’ve done what we need to do. Let’s do our best to continue doing what we should do. Something good is gonna happen. “Something Good is gonna happen” Composed & arranged by SunnyG これまでやるべきことをやってきたよね。 このままやるべきことをやり続けようよ。何かいいことありそうだよ。 「何かいいことありそうよ」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)      

“Drizzly Rain” 「こぬか雨」

When I searched the web for free images of “drizzly rain,” I found a digital camera photo of Tsuwano in Hokkaido, where the paving stones wet with rain were impressive. I borrowed this photo and processed it into a watercolor style on a computer. I think I could get a little wet feeling of the・・・

“Under the mantle of night” 「夜のとばりの下に」

Whether it should be called the latter half of life or the ending period of my life, am I the only one who make the connection between the ending period of my life and the night which is the end of the day? The sound of the trumpet oddly accords with emptiness that lurks in・・・

“Nightcap” 「寝酒」

It’s late at night, maybe it’s time to sleep. Pour wine into a glass, “Wine before sleeping”  It’s so called as Nightcap in English. Nightcap! It’s so nice expression!  “Nightcap” Composed and arranged by SunnyG  夜も更けた、そろそろ寝るか . ワインをグラスへ、「寝酒や」「英語ではNightcap と言うそうや」 「ナイトキャップ、洒落ててええなあ」 「盗み酒やないか」「???」   ナイトキャップ(寝酒) 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)        

“Don’t be feisty” 「イライラしないで」

“What are you getting peeved at so much?” “I don’t know what it is, but I am irritated.” “Here is a jazz tune in Latin rhythm that I made two years ago. Listen to this  and blow out your irritation!” “Wow, listening to this tune irritates me so much more!” “Don’t be feisty” Composed and・・・

“Blue Moment” 「ブルーな時期」

Somehow depressed, feeling down, of course these are due to physical fatigue, but the biggest cause is mental fatigue. In such a case, even if I am advised that I have to sleep well as a solution, I can’t even sleep. Until the rhythmic melody comes to my mind and I feel like making music,・・・

“Lingering Hope” 「捨てきれない希望」

While knowing the limit of my ability and this computer, I am hoping to make more good music with better sound. I cannot throw my hope away. “Lingering hope” Composed and arranged by SunnyG   このパソコンと自分の能力では限界と分かっていながら、 もっといい曲をもっといい音で作りたいとの希望を、捨てきれないでいるのです。 「捨てきれない希望」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)    

“Rain Drop Inspiration”「雨垂れのひらめき」

In a movie starring Cole Porter by Cary Grant, I remember that there was a scene where the song of “ Begin The Begin ” was born from the sound of raindrops. But from the rhythmical dripping of raindrops I was reminded of the sound of a rim shot of a drum. The inspiration of・・・

“Swinging in the wind” 「風に揺られて」

A wind that gently strokes my cheek. Occasionally break away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I want to leave me in a comfortable breeze without worrying about time “Swinging in the wind” composed and arranged by SunnyG 頬をそっと撫でる風、 たまには都会の喧騒をはなれて 時を気にすることなく 心地よいそよ風に身をまかせていたい。 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺)   [contact-form] [contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true”・・・

“Fantastic Flower”「ファンタスティックな花」

A small flower appeared in the corner of the planter. I don’t know the name of the flower. Cute red flower. No need to know the name of the flower. It asserts itself in the corner of the planter. A small but dignified figure, It’s okay with a fantastic flower. “Fantastic Flower” Composed and arranged by SunnyG プランターの隅っこに小さな花が顔を出した。花の名前は知らない。真っ赤なキュートな花。 花の名前なんかわからなくてよい、プランターの隅で健気に自己主張している小さくても凛と・・・

“Let’s swing with strings” 「弦楽でスウィングを」

An old tiddled fiddler started cheerfully playing swing jazz backed by a string orchestra. Even though he is drunk, his violin performances are certain and glittering. His life experience and the accumulated violin training make his performance shine. “Let’s swing with strings” composed and arranged by SunnyG 年老いたほろ酔い機嫌のバイオリン弾きが陽気にストリングオーケストラをバックにスウィングジャズの演奏を始めた。彼は酔っぱらっていても彼のバイオリンの演奏は確かなものでキラキラと輝いている。彼の人生経験と積み重ねたバイオリンの訓練が彼の演奏を輝くものにしているのです。 「弦楽でスウィングを」 作・編曲: SunnyG「サニー爺」 2016-9-27  

“Cool Down” 「クールダウン」

米朝首脳会談が始まろうとしています。両首脳はいかに自国の平和と安全を 守ろうかと熱くなっていることでしょう。 おたがいに国を思うあまりに熱くなりすぎないでください。 熱くなりすぎないように。 冷静に!冷静に! 「クールダウン」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)   US-North Korean summit is about to begin. The two leaders are getting hot as to how to protect their country’s security and peace. Please talk each other calmlly at the meeting. Do not get too hot. Cool down! Cool down! “Cool down” Composed and arranged by・・・

“Wish upon the full moon” 「満月に願いを」

たしか、ディズニー映画の主題歌に「星に願いを」という名曲がありました。星は遠すぎるので近くの満月に願いを、何を願う?世界人類の平和?そんなだいそれたこと、地球より小さいお月様は受け入れきれずに困ってしまうのでは? せめて私の明日一日が無事でありますようにならば・・・? {満月に願いを」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺) Certainly, there was a masterpiece called ” Wish upon a star” in a theme song of a Disney movie. The star is too far, so let’s wish upon the near full moon. What do you wish for? Peace of the world humanity? I wonder if the moon smaller than the earth cannot・・・

” Reunion on the Tanabata Night” 「七夕の夜に再会」

七夕は宇7月7日に行われる星祭り。天の川を挟んで両岸にさかれたアルタイ(牽牛星)と ベガ(織姫星)が年に一度この日の夜に出会う、という中国の伝説が日本の信仰と一緒に なったものです。 「七夕の夜に再会(また会えてよかったね)」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺) The Star Festival “Tanabata” is the Weaver Star Festival,which occurs July 7. The Chinese legend, which has it that Altair (Cowherd Star)and Vega (Weaver Star) were sprit apart by the two banks of the River of Heaven (The Milky Way) and come together once a year on this night, has・・・