“Home where the heart in” 「故郷、心を残してきた場所」

Forty years after leaving Osaka, the Kansai accent remains. I try to match the local accent as much as possible. When I meet a person with a Kansai accent, I immediately return to the Osaka accent. It is said that the accent may be the country’s bill. My heart may remain in Osaka even now.・・・

“Place dear to my heart” 「心の故郷」

心の故郷ってどこ?生まれ故郷? それなら徳島県小松島市。誕生から三歳までいた。街の風景などまったく記憶にない。昼寝から目覚めた時母か子守のお姉さんが起こしにきてくれるまで、ぼんやり眺めていた壁と天井が今でもふと浮かぶことがあるのです。 そんな時、なぜか心が安らぐのです。 「心の故郷」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺) Where is the hometown? Birthplace? Then Komatsujima city in Tokushima prefecture. I was there from the birthday to 3 years old. I cannot remember the scenery of the town at all. But even now I remember that ceiling and wall, which I watched up when I waked up from a nap・・・