*Trial of DIY composition and arrangement by SunnyG
*Classical, Jazz, Popular, Blues, Rock, Latin & others

“Hokkai Bon Uta” 「北海盆歌」

It’s said that the Hokkaido folk song “Hokkai Bon Uta” was originally sung by miners. I made an attempt to arrange this folk song in Bossa Nova New Style. “Hokkai Bon Uta” arranged by SunnyG   北海道民謡「北海盆歌」はかつて炭坑労働者の間で歌われていたものだそうです。 この民謡をボサノバニュースタイルでアレンジしてみました。 編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺)  

“Spring comes along again” 「また春が巡ってくる」

Spring is coming again this year. I become 83 years old this spring. Even at this age, I still feel the joy of comeing spring.I wanted to express that joy with a soft strings sound. Well, what’s the result? “Spring comes along again” Composed and arranged by SunnyG 今年もまた春がやってくる。私はこの春に83歳となるのです。 この歳になっても春を迎えることに喜びを感じてしまうのです。 その喜びを柔らかなストリングスサウンドで 表現したかったのですが さてその出来映えは? 「また春が巡ってくる」 作・編曲:SunnyG(サニー爺)・・・

“Morning Dream” 「明け方の夢」

At dawn, we happen to have a dream while REM sleeping. We remember the dream when we awake. It is said that such dream has been shown to us by God or Buddha as a revelation.Some people say that they do not see their dreams, although they are actually seeing the dream,but they do not・・・

“Under the mantle of night” 「夜のとばりの下に」

Whether it should be called the latter half of life or the ending period of my life, am I the only one who make the connection between the ending period of my life and the night which is the end of the day? The sound of the trumpet oddly accords with emptiness that lurks in・・・

“Take it easy at home”「のんびり過ごそうよ」

Because of “born poor nan’s mentality, if I keep still, I feel doing something wrong. Then I will try to do this and that and cannot do it well as a result, I end up irritating. The close friends advise me to take it easy at home, but I cannot stay still and relax. “Take・・・

“Nightcap” 「寝酒」

It’s late at night, maybe it’s time to sleep. Pour wine into a glass, “Wine before sleeping”  It’s so called as Nightcap in English. Nightcap! It’s so nice expression!  “Nightcap” Composed and arranged by SunnyG  夜も更けた、そろそろ寝るか . ワインをグラスへ、「寝酒や」「英語ではNightcap と言うそうや」 「ナイトキャップ、洒落ててええなあ」 「盗み酒やないか」「???」   ナイトキャップ(寝酒) 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)        

“The days gone by” 「過ぎ去りし日々」

While heading to the end of life, looking back the days that have passed one after another, what do I think of me and myself? It is certain that the mountain of my memories is getting higher, while the mountain of my life is getting lower. I want to spend every day carefully, until the・・・

“Predawn Stillness” 「夜明け前の静寂」

I wake up early in the morning, the room is still dark.It begins that my vague consciousness mixed with expectations and anxiety for today.Before long, my consciousness starts a comfortable glide.What’s called “mo hitoneiri” (another sleep). “Predawn Stillness” composed and arranged by SunnyG 早朝目が覚める、部屋はまだ真っ暗、今日への期待と不安が入り混じったもやっとした意識がやがて心地よい滑空を始める。もう一寝入りというやつ。 「夜明け前の静寂」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)    

“Don’t be feisty” 「イライラしないで」

“What are you getting peeved at so much?” “I don’t know what it is, but I am irritated.” “Here is a jazz tune in Latin rhythm that I made two years ago. Listen to this  and blow out your irritation!” “Wow, listening to this tune irritates me so much more!” “Don’t be feisty” Composed and・・・

“Blue Moment” 「ブルーな時期」

Somehow depressed, feeling down, of course these are due to physical fatigue, but the biggest cause is mental fatigue. In such a case, even if I am advised that I have to sleep well as a solution, I can’t even sleep. Until the rhythmic melody comes to my mind and I feel like making music,・・・

“Lingering Hope” 「捨てきれない希望」

While knowing the limit of my ability and this computer, I am hoping to make more good music with better sound. I cannot throw my hope away. “Lingering hope” Composed and arranged by SunnyG   このパソコンと自分の能力では限界と分かっていながら、 もっといい曲をもっといい音で作りたいとの希望を、捨てきれないでいるのです。 「捨てきれない希望」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)    

“ETENRAKU” 「越天楽」

“ETENRAKU” is one of the famous tunes of GAGAKU (ancient court music). Unique instruments are used such as Shinto flute, Thirteen-stringed Koto, Japanese lute and drums. There are GAGAKU pieces with dance and without dance, the former called BUGAKU (an ancient court dance and music) and the latter called KANGEN (the orchestral music with wind・・・

“Comfort” 「安らぎ」

Another close friend of mine has passed away. I pray sincerely for the repose of his soul .”Comfort” Composed and arranged by SunnyG また一人親しい友が逝ってしまった。只々冥福を祈るのみ。 「安らぎ」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺) November 26, 2016    

“Uncertainty of the life” 「人生の無常」

To be honest, I still really don’t understand my life, even after over 80 yeas old. I don’t know what will happen to the rest of my life. I don’t know how long will last the rest of my life. But it’s definitely much shorter than the years I’ve spent. “Uncertainty of the life” Composed・・・

“Rain Drop Inspiration”「雨垂れのひらめき」

In a movie starring Cole Porter by Cary Grant, I remember that there was a scene where the song of “ Begin The Begin ” was born from the sound of raindrops. But from the rhythmical dripping of raindrops I was reminded of the sound of a rim shot of a drum. The inspiration of・・・

“Jolt of Java” 「コーヒーで一服」

How the sourness is, how the bitterness is, I cannot taste finely coffee.I’ve heard that drinking 3,4 cups of coffee a day is good for beauty and health.When we smell the scent of coffee, alpha waves are generated in our brain.Such alpha waves are effective in reducing stress.Taking a break from drinking coffee, this will・・・

“Having a lot of drive” 「やる気満々で」

Having a lot of drive, I challenged to make music using arrangement data from the music software “ABILITY”.I made the melody like an improvisation played by a trumpet.I’m a little nervous about uploading such a music. “Having a log of drive” Composed and arranged by SunnyG やる気満々で AbilityやSSWで使えるアレンジデーターを利用しての曲作りに挑戦、メロディをトランペットの即興演奏風のものにアレンジした程度のものになりました。こんな程度でいいのかなと少々気が引けながらのアップロードです。 「やる気満々」 作・編曲: SunnyG(サニー爺)    

“In the fresh of the morning”「朝まだきに」

Probably because of the age, I often wake up early in the morning. At such time, I imagine the sea of clouds seen from the sky.It’s hard for me to see such scenery at my age. I wish I could come across the sea of clouds when I am on the way called to heaven.・・・

“Fantastic Tale” 「夢物語」

Even at this age, there are many things that I dream about, what is unlikely to happen, small things, etc. In relaxed manner, listening to a music coming from the effective sound system which makes clear sound, is this a fantastic tale? “Fantastic Tale” Composed & arranged by SunnyG 実現できそうもないこと、ささやかなもの、この年齢になっても、 いろいろ 夢に描いているものがあるのです。 いい音場できれいな音が 出せるサウンドシステムで ゆったりと音楽を・・・

“Season’s Transition” 「季節の移ろい」

There are four seasons in Japan, and each change has its own taste, which makes us feel the arrival of the season.  Transition from summer to autumn, the neighborhood is dyed in a bright autumn color in clear air. Kyoto sweets, tea and autumn leaves, my favorite autumn image.  “Season’s Transition” composed & arranged by・・・